WWE News: Randy Orton Comments on Ric Flair Attack Angle on Raw, Rey Mysterio WWE Contract Length

Randy Orton has had a tremendous 2020 in terms of his matches, promos and becoming the biggest villain in WWE. This Sunday at SummerSlam, Orton will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title in the main event of the show.

Orton did a media conference call earlier today and talked about the angle from Raw two weeks ago on August 10 when he hit a low blow and The Punt on Ric Flair. If you saw the show, you may recall that the lights went off when Orton was about to do The Punt on floor, so Orton likely never touched him since WWE wanted to protect Flair, who has numerous health issues in the last few years. During the conversation, Orton talked about how hard it was to do that to Flair.

“That segment, that was hard to do. There were so many things I could’ve said that would’ve been nasty and would’ve even made that segment better. It was hard to look him in the eye, no matter how much we wanted it to come across that way, it was hard to be mean to that man after how he’s treated me for the past twenty years especially. But ya know, business is business. Ric knows that and I know that and I’ll tell you what he was never supposed to grab the microphone from me that night. He was just supposed to say a few things under his breath that the handheld camera in the ring may or may not pick up.”

“You were supposed to see our facial expressions and get an idea that he was bringing me back in & eventually we had the hug and I turned on him but when he grabbed the mic I was thinkin ‘Ah, come on Ric you’re not supposed to grab the mic’ but then he went on to cut that promo and it was very touching. The thing is he meant everything he said. That’s why he’s so special to this business, he’s always left his heart out there in the ring and every emotion you get out there from Ric Flair, it’s real and that’s one of the reasons he’s the best.”

Thanks to Kenny McIntosh of Inside the Ropes for the quotes. Check out the Youtube audio clip they uploaded with Orton talking about a lot of things from his career.

Rey Mysterio Contract Update

It was reported a few weeks ago that Rey Mysterio had re-signed with WWE while his son Dominik also received a new WWE contract, which was used in a contract signing segment on Raw. What we didn’t know back then was how long Rey was staying in WWE. Well, now we have more information on that.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available via subscription) is reporting that Rey signed a three-year deal that will run until 2023. The amount of money isn’t known, nor do we know how many dates is for, but it’s likely a deal that will keep Rey consistently on WWE television for most of the next three years.

Rey will turn 46 years old in December. He’s still a great performer that will get a chance to team up with his son and perhaps one day become Tag Team Champions together. That would be really cool to see.

Dominik Mysterio faces Seth Rollins this Sunday at SummerSlam and Rey will be there to support his son.