WWE Hall Of Famer On CM Punk’s “Disastrous” Comments


A WWE Hall of Famer has given their thoughts on CM Punk’s infamous media scrum appearance at All Out, calling Punk’s comments “disastrous.”

Following his AEW World Title win at All Out, CM Punk sought to settle a few scores at the post-show media scrum. Bristling at the assembled press, Punk took aim at everyone from company EVPs The Young Bucks to his former friend Colt Cabana.

Things turned even nastier once The Bucks confronted Punk backstage afterward, leading to a fight that saw a slew of stars and backstage personnel suspended by the company.

Discussing the situation on Foley Is Pod [first available at], Mick Foley has chimed in on the situation and believes the time for CM Punk to air his grievances shouldn’t have been after a big title win:

“Anything that takes away from the joy and the prestige of winning that title is counterproductive. So if Punk is on camera and he’s not filled with joy, and he’s letting bitterness and anger come out, I think that detracts from the title. By that standard, everything that … Punk did was disastrous, because it put Tony Khan in a bad position. … It was just really unfortunate. You don’t want to see that side of your superstars.”

“I can’t imagine going backstage and being angry or bitter, or taking the joy out of the experience for our fans. There’s a time and a place, maybe, to play with emotions, and if you have something substantial that can make people feel strange in their gut, but not after a title win.”

Tony Khan has recently discussed the use of media scrums in AEW and touted their overall positivity, so expect them to continue.

h/t Wrestling Inc.