WWE Creative Team Update: Led By Triple H

WWE Creative Team Update: Led By Triple H

There has been further confirmation that Triple H is the driving force behind WWE storylines.

Following an earlier report that Paul Levesque had been “Knighted” by Endeavour and McMahon is not expected to be involved moving forward, further confirmation has been given in regard to the corporate structure.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Levesque is said to be “the one making all of the key decisions.” Levesque is backed up by Bruce Prichard, who is said to be “a conduit between creative, talent relations and talent services” and Ed Koskey, who is said to be “the operations person who keeps the scripts flowing.”

In regards to McMahon, he is currently out of the creative process “at the moment.” However, with the Chairman still having the most power within the company, there is nothing stopping him from deciding to change the current structure.

Levesque took control of creative following Vince McMahon’s announcement of his retirement back in July 2022. However, 6 months later McMahon announced that he would be making a return to WWE to help oversee a sale of the company. Following the announcement of the sale being made official the day after WrestleMania, McMahon would frequently interfere in the creative process on Monday Night Raw. This was most prevalent on the Raw after Mania, which saw multiple confusing segments and reported last-minute changes made throughout the broadcast.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels Take The Fight To AEW

Hours before NXT and AEW were due to go head-to-head on October 10th, a new report came to light that Levesque and Michaels were intent on sending a message to Tony Khan with their star-studded edition of NXT. In a fiery response on social media, Khan had his own message for the “bald a**holes.”