The Undertaker “Didn’t Like” Famous Storyline

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The Undertaker has lifted the lid on one WWE storyline that he was not a fan of.

‘The Deadman’ has been at the centre of some of the most memorable storylines in wrestling history and initially made waves in late 1998 after promising to deliver a ‘plague of evil’ upon the rest of the WWE roster.

That promise spawned the ‘Ministry Of Darkness’, a dark, cult-like group that soon added the likes of Bradshaw, Faarooq and Mideon to its ranks as the faction went from strength to strength.

What came next was a merger with another prominent WWE group, ‘The Corporation’ on the first ever edition of SmackDown on 29th June 1999.

Whilst the faction had grown in numbers and power, with Shane McMahon leading ‘The Corporation’ at the time, however it appeared to water down the groups impact and it wasn’t long before the Superstars were disbanded, much to the relief of leader ‘The Undertaker.

Speaking during a recent Patreon exclusive version of his podcast ‘Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway’, the former WWE Champion revealed his true thoughts on the demise of the once powerful faction, ‘The Corporate Ministry’:

“How much can I push back really in that situation? But I didn’t like it. I thought as soon as it became Corporate Ministry that it got all watered down and it just ceased to be fun anymore. So, yeah, that was the kind of the beginning of the end right then.

We were really pushing the envelope, as far as touching on religion and all these other different [aspects]. We were getting plenty of hate mail over some of the stuff that we were doing but once The Corporate Ministry, [and] there’s 20 people out there… [The nWo] is a great example of where it ended up, you know? Not a super great payoff, in my opinion. It was just kind of blegh.”

The Undertaker Reflects On WrestleMania 40 Appearance

The Undertaker delighted fans with a return to the ring for a brief cameo during the Main Event of Night Two at WrestleMania 40, assisting Cody Rhodes to defeat ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns to lift his first Undisputed WWE Championship.

Despite the excitement created by his surprise appearance, The Undertaker recently revealed that one part of his recent return was particularly difficult.The Undertaker recently revealed that one part of his recent return was particularly difficult.

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