Kevin Nash Claims Ex-WWE Star’s Physique Is Why They’re Not With AEW

Kevin Nash Stated Ex-WWE Superstar's Physique Is Why They're Not With AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash took a stroll down memory lane, reflecting on the formidable physique of Attitude Era icon Steve Blackman. The Attitude Era, known for its diverse roster of wrestling legends, also spotlighted talents like “The Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman, who left a lasting impression in the midcard scene.

During an episode of his podcast “Kliq This,” Kevin Nash warmly recalled a joint signing event in Canada where he crossed paths with Steve Blackman. In a humorous twist, Nash reminisced about the unexpected presence of a live alligator at the venue, adding a unique flavour to the encounter.

Additionally, Nash’s podcast co-host, Sean Oliver, shared a fascinating anecdote highlighting Blackman’s unwavering dedication to fitness. Oliver recounted an incident where Blackman, despite arriving from the airport at 1 a.m., immediately sought information on nearby gyms, showcasing his commitment to maintaining his physique.

In a light-hearted jest, Nash jokingly referenced the impressive physical attributes of current AEW wrestlers, playfully quipping:

He had a great body, that’s why he’s not working for AEW.

Despite the jest, Nash’s remarks served to underscore Blackman’s enduring impact and remarkable physical prowess.

Beginning his wrestling journey in the 1980s, Blackman rose to prominence in WWE during the late ’90s, securing a full-time contract in 1997. Known for his intensity and martial arts skills, Blackman captured the Hardcore Championship six times, endearing himself to a passionate fan base as a beloved cult hero.

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Kevin Nash recalled how while working with WCW as a member of the nWo the faction all got to hang out in Hulk Hogan’s personal locker room, whereas in WWE the group of friends he had collectively known as The Kliq made their own makeshift private locker room signs which they hung on doors so people knew to keep out if they wanted to get changed in that room.