Kevin Nash Speaks On Difference Between WWE & WCW Locker Rooms

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Kevin Nash opened up about his experience in WCW’s locker room as opposed to his time in WWE.

It’s well-documented that Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman were part of a group known as The Kliq during their wresting careers. Speaking about the group on his latest Kliq This podcast, Nash opened up about hanging out in Hulk Hogan’s locker room while he, Hall, and Waltman were part of WCW.

“We were so blessed, man, in retrospect, because [Hulk] Hogan always had his own locker room [in WCW]. And he always had beer. So, we’d just hang out in his room. He was always laid back.”

Kevin Nash Reveals How The Kliq Got Their Own Space In WWE

Unlike in WCW, The Kliq didn’t have a dedicated space to hang out as Shawn Michaels did not have his own personal dressing room. However, the group took matters into their own hands in finding their own locker room space backstage. Kevin Nash explained:

“We started putting The Kliq signs up [on the doors]. If anyone would open the door and see three of us [together], they’d be like, ‘F–k this. I don’t want to dress here.'”

On the occasion that someone didn’t heed the locker room signs, the group had a surefire way of making people uncomfortable so they’d be left alone. Nash described their so-called “number one offense:”

“We’d give it like a minute or two, and then just start putting each other over [laughs]. They’d pick their bags up [and leave].”

Nash recently revealed that he may need neck surgery to repair damage from years inside the squared circle.

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