Kevin Nash May Need Neck Surgery

Kevin Nash WWE Hall of Fame

Kevin Nash has provided an update on his health, admitting that neck surgery is a real possibility.

The WWE Hall of Famer had a legendary three-decade career that saw him become a central figure in WWE, WCW, and then TNA. However, his success in the ring has come at a cost for his health.

Speaking on the latest edition of his Kliq This podcast, Big Daddy Cool revealed that he is currently looking for a neck surgeon as there’s a possibility he will need fusion surgery.

“I’m hunting for probably a neck surgeon. I don’t know [if I’ll have to have it fused]. It’s getting…I talked to the people from BioXcellerator and she’s saying, ‘Give it some more time, it’s just been a couple months.’ I think about it and just like, my shoulders have gotten way better, like night and day. My neck is just, I’ve got a C2 and a C5 that are not good. It’s the discs.”

Continuing on about his trip to the BioXcellerator stem cell therapy clinic, Nash said he had treatment for his shoulders and neck, but lifting is still hard.

“I did my shoulders again. I did my shoulders and my neck all three times. I still lift heavy. It’s just hard, when you’re pressing your head on bench presses and shit. I got so many gimmicks at my house. None of that shit works.”

Kevin Nash offered to be involved in WWE SummerSlam

Despite his health issues, Nash is still involved in pro wrestling and offered his services for this year’s SummerSlam as the Master of Ceremonies for the Biggest Party of the Summer. Unfortunately, his offer fell on deaf ears.

“I asked if I could be involved. I asked if I could be the master of ceremonies of SummerSlam. I asked. Deaf ears, baby.

“Just being charming. Opening. I was hoping just something on the ramp. ‘Welcome to Detroit.’ I would have been great with a camera crew outside of Ford Field talking with the Detroit fans and the fans from around the world that came in.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.