Kevin Nash Comments On CM Punk Spray Painting AEW Title

cm punk aew world title collision

Kevin Nash gave his thoughts on CM Punk using spray paint on the AEW World Title.

CM Punk returned to AEW in June, marking his first appearance in the company since being stripped of the AEW World Championship as a result of his participation in the brawl after All Out in September. When he made his return on the June 17th debut of Collision, he brought with him a red bag that many assumed contained the title he never officially lost.

Sure enough, on the July 29th episode of Collision, Punk declared himself the “real World Champion,” revealing that the bag indeed contained the title still covered in blood from his All Out battle with Jon Moxley. He spray painted the belt with an X, alluding to his straight edge lifestyle.

Kevin Nash Didn’t See CM Punk Spray Paint The AEW World Title On Collision

On the latest edition of Kliq This, Kevin Nash was asked about Punk using spray paint on the title as it’s reminiscent of Hulk Hogan doing the same during the days of the nWo. Nash first admitted he hadn’t seen the segment, saying:

“I didn’t see it, so I don’t have an opinion on it. It seemed to be effective then [25 years ago]. In Phil’s defense, I think you can grab that hold after 25 years.”

Nash’s co-host Sean Oliver pointed out that the segment was far from just a “hold,” saying it was as iconic as King Kong on top of the Empire State Building. Nash continued:

“Which they’ve done, what? Four times now?” Nash asked. “I really don’t have a problem with it. I would be more entailed to think about when Shawn and Razor had the IC belts, and Shawn got suspended and they put the belt on Scott. They had a tournament, Scott won it, then we went to WrestleMania 10 and we had both the belts up there. I mean, it’s straight edge. It’s his gimmick.”

While it remains to be seen how CM Punk’s reign as “real champion” will be handled, he did successfully defend his title against Ricky Starks on the August 5th episode of Collision.

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