Triple H Smashes Talk Show Host Through Table To Promote WWE Event

Triple H Smashes Talk Show Host Through Table To Promote WWE Event

In an unexpected moment on “The Tonight Show” in 2017, WWE Hall of Famer Triple H made a dramatic appearance to promote the SummerSlam event.

During a segment known as “Thank You Notes,” host Jimmy Fallon was expressing humorous gratitude when he made a jesting remark about Triple H. Fallon quipped:

Thank you, Triple H, for sounding less like a WWE Superstar and more like an extra-strength haemorrhoid cream.

This joke triggered The Game’s iconic entrance music, signalling his surprise arrival on stage. Clearly displeased with Fallon’s comment, HHH stormed in, ready to make a statement. In a pre-planned stunt, he grabbed a stand-in for Fallon and slammed him through the talk show host’s desk, much to the shock and delight of the live audience.

After the dramatic table slam, Triple H took a moment to address The Tonight Show audience and viewers at home. He announced:

SummerSlam airs live this Sunday, August 20th on the WWE network. We’ll be right back with Jon Hamm.

Which WWE Hall Of Famer Joked With Triple H About Making Their Return At Backlash?

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash said that he joked with Triple H about making a comeback at Backlash after he was impressed by how loud the crowd was in Lyon, France. The Game replied to Nash telling him that the crowd was so loud that the production team couldn’t hear each other in the Gorilla Position.

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