Controversial Ex-WCW Star Wins Title At 54 Years Old

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A former WWE and WCW star has won gold in his first match for two years.

Buff Bagwell was a prominent star during a decade in WCW that saw him winning tag team gold five times with partners that included 2 Cold Scorpio, The Patriot, and Scotty Riggs. Bagwell was also part of the nWo for much of the hottest period for the stable between 1996 and 1999.

His tenure in the company is also remembered for some of the bizarre storylines he was part of, including the infamous bout that saw him battle Chris Kanyon while his real-life mother, Judy Bagwell, was suspended above the ring on a forklift. The match has since become shorthand for the dire predicament WCW found itself in by the year 2000.

When the company closed its doors in 2001, Bagwell moved over to the new owners, WWE. However, his time there was short-lived and saw him take part in one match against Booker T that July. While the bout was supposed to be the beginning of WCW as its own brand within the promotion, it was so badly received by fans that the idea was scrapped completely. A week later Bagwell was fired for his performance and reported poor attitude.

In the years following his departure, Bagwell signed with TNA and made regular appearances on the independent scene. Unfortunately, Bagwell’s personal demons had a huge impact on his life, leading to depression and alcoholism for many years. While he made progress on his issues with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, in July 2023, Buff Bagwell was arrested on charges of speeding and driving under the influence of drugs.

Former WCW Star Buff Bagwell Triumphant In Return To The Ring

Now, it seems that Bagwell has finally been able to turn things around and, on May 18th, the star made his return to the ring in Memphis Wrestling. Teaming with Big John Dalton as the ‘Buff Daddies’, Bagwell captured the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Titles when they defeated Lord Gaston and Sir Matthew.