Triple H Addresses Adam Copeland Leaving WWE

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Triple H spoke about Adam Copeland (aka Edge) leaving WWE as well as the message that Triple H sent him.

The WWE careers of Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Adam “Edge” Copeland are two of the greatest in the history of the company. Both guys reached double digits in terms of World Title wins and they main evented many major shows throughout their careers.

When Edge debuted in WWE in 1998, Triple H had already been in the company for about three years. Over the next 13 years, they were two of the biggest stars in the company and will be remembered as two of the best heels in WWE as well.

In 2023, they are in much different roles with Triple H retiring as a wrestler while running WWE creatively as the Chief Content Officer. As for Edge, he returned to the ring in 2020 after a nine-year layoff due to a serious neck injury. For over three years, Edge got to have some incredible matches with some of WWE’s biggest stars.

At AEW WrestleDream one week ago, the name Edge was gone and Adam Copeland made his debut in AEW. Copeland’s WWE contract expired, which made him a free agent and for the first time in 25 years, Copeland was in another wrestling company.

Triple H believes the timing was right for Edge to leave

At the WWE Fastlane press conference that followed Fastlane in Indianapolis, Triple H said that it felt like the right time for Edge/Adam to move on.

“Time. Time was right for him. Time was right for us. I think he had an amazing career and an amazing send off here. I think he felt like he had done what there was to do. We sort of felt, (I think he’s right). We wish him the best. There is no animosity here, there are no hard feelings. He’s doing what’s right for him and his family.”

“I’m happy for him, very happy for him. I sent him a message, ‘I’m happy for you.’ I’m proud of him and happy for him. This has to be right for you. This is a grind, a lot of hard work, it has to be right for you. If somebody feels like a different opportunity is better for them, great, that’s wonderful. The machine doesn’t stop for anyone. We’re going to continue to grow and continue to do what we do.”

“I guarantee you, if you’re a young person here trying and growing every day, for no negative reason, but when they see him walk away, they go, ‘Damn right I’m taking that spot.’ That creates opportunity. Everybody will step up their game to fill that role and there are a line of people way more than capable of taking it to the next level, just like he was when he came in here.”

If you’re wondering about the photo at the top of the article, it’s from Great American Bash 2008 when Triple H beat Edge in the main event.

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