Triple H’s “Right Hand Man” In WWE Revealed

Triple H WWE

Triple H is a busy man and one of his best friends in wrestling named a guy that is considered The Game’s “right hand man” in WWE these days.

As the Chief Content Officer of WWE, Paul “Triple H” Levesque has a lot of jobs including his role as the guy that is running the creative direction of the company on Raw & Smackdown. In addition to that, Triple H is also in charge of hiring and releasing talent.

When you jobs like that, you need an entire team around you. That’s why WWE has so many people working behind the scenes writing the shows, producing the shows and doing everything they can to keep the machine rolling, so to speak.

Kevin Nash is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that is one of Triple H’s best friends of the last 30 years going back to their time in “The Kliq” together. During a recent episode of the Kliq This podcast, Nash named Jeremy Borash as a key member of Triple H’s team.

“Borash is absolutely a breed above [others]. I mean, he’s like Triple H’s right-hand man.”

The name Jeremy Borash is likely to most wrestling fans since he was first known for being a part of WCW both on screen and behind the scenes. After WCW died, he joined TNA Wrestling in 2002 and worked there for over 15 years.

In 2018, WWE finally hired Borash when Triple H was still running the NXT and apparently they have built a connection that continues to this day based on what Nash said.

Kevin Nash also worked with Jeremy Borash during his run in TNA Wrestling, so he knows JB well too.

H/T WrestlingInc