Triple H “The Main Guy” CM Punk Spoke To During WWE Raw Visit

CM Punk Triple H

CM Punk is never far away from causing shockwaves in the wrestling world and he did so again on Monday night when he visited backstage at WWE Raw in his hometown of Chicago.

CM Punk has not been seen in a wrestling ring since All Out 2022 when he captured the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley before things in that company quickly imploded. Punk went on a tirade at the post-show press conference before he was involved in a backstage fight involving The Elite.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio noted that despite Raw being held in his hometown of Chicago, the star actually flew to the show from Florida on a flight with “a lot of the talent” that were heading to work.

Bryan Alvarez noted that Punk was backstage for around 20-25 minutes before Dave Meltzer confirmed that Triple H (Paul Levesque) was “the main guy (Punk) talked to” during his visit.

As for why CM Punk turned up to the show, Dave Meltzer wouldn’t be drawn on the matter as he did not want to become embroiled in more controversy involving the star:

“If I say what I think I’ll be as wreckless as all the people who say what they say about us. So I’m not gonna say anything. We all have our theories and whatever. I threw my theory past a bunch of people today including (Alvarez) and people that know him very well, much better than I do, and they all said you were spot on. So my theory is that I was spot on.

“[…] The feeling in WWE is that he was there because he wanted back, whether that’s true or not I have no idea. Obviously, there were talks of him going back late last year but he couldn’t go because he was still under contract (to AEW) and my impression is – this was Paul Levesque in charge, not Vince – my impression was they didn’t have any interest in him at that time.”

Meltzer questioned CM Punk’s reasons for the timing of his visit and pointed out that his friendship with Colt Cabana – which led to the initial tirade at the press conference – fell apart after Cabana visited friends backstage at a WWE show – albeit at a time when both men were in a legal dispute with the company:

“Was it a publicity stunt for him to get publicity? I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. The announcement of him coming back to AEW in theory was gonna be anytime now, the announcement of the new TV show would be anytime now so I’m sure it all ties together in some way and (if) he wants to say what his motives were, what his reasons were, he can say it.

“The timing of everything is suspicious. Let’s face it, WWE has been doing shows for many, many, many years since he left the company, and choosing to go there right before the announcement AEW is going to make for whatever reason, I’m sure there’s a reason in his head why he did that. It’s not like he was walking down the street.

“A lot of people pointed out to me today, the entire thing that got the ball rolling which came because of the fallout between CM Punk and Colt Cabana came because Colt Cabana went and visited some of his friends – I don’t remember if it was WWE or NXT – but very good friends of his from the indy scene that he went to visit at a show while the lawsuit was going on and Punk was furious at him for doing that.”

If Punk’s visit causes AEW to change plans on when it is set to announce its new Saturday show remains to be seen, but reports had suggested that announcement could come on May 17th at the Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts.

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