Triple H Introduces WWE World Heavyweight Championship On Raw

wwe world heavyweight championship 2023

There’s going to be a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned soon following a major announcement by Triple H.

Going into the April 24th edition of Raw from Chicago, WWE was promoting a major announcement from Chief Content Officer, Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

As he made his announcement, Triple H said he was there to talk about the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who is coming up on 1000 days as champion in WWE. Hunter said that Roman has defended the championship against everybody and he can’t name many in the last 30 years that can hang with Roman Reigns because he is that damn good.

Hunter spoke about how Reigns also negotiated himself into a position where he didn’t have to defend that championship frequently. While that is great for Roman Reigns, it is not great for WWE Triple H said that the fans deserve more and the fans need more than that.

This Friday on the April 28th edition of Smackdown, the WWE Draft will begin and it will conclude next Monday on the May 1st edition of Raw. Hunter said that the WWE Draft will change WWE at its very core.

It was announced by Triple H that whenever Roman Reigns gets drafted to whatever show he goes to, he will take the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship with him and he will stay there. The other brand will determine a new champion. It was not specified if Reigns will still be carrying the WWE & Universal Titles or if it will just be one title, but Roman will take those titles to whatever show he is on.

That led to the official announcement by Triple that on Saturday, May 27th at Night of Champions, WWE will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. That’s when Triple H pulled the cover off a championship belt that was in the ring with a WWE logo on it and it had a World logo as well.

Triple H said it will be a champion to be proud of, a champion to respect and admire. That champion will defend the championship anywhere, all over the world. It was also mentioned by Triple H that this champion will not demand your acknowledgment, they will earn your acknowledgment and earn the title of World Heavyweight Champion.

As Raw continued throughout the evening, several wrestlers looked at the title, including Seth “Freakin” Rollins. While Rollins was looking at the title, the Chicago crowd chanted “you deserve” it for Rollins.

Rollins would go on to say that “this is an opportunity for us to have a World Heavyweight Championship that’s about more than politics and part-timers!” Clearly, Rollins will be one of the favorites to win the new WWE World Heavyweight Title.

In addition to all of that, fans can buy their version of the new WWE World Heavyweight Title on for pre-order now.