Update On AEW’s New Saturday Show Including The Name

aew logo dynamite rampage

There is more news about when AEW’s new TV show is set to debut as well as the name of the program.

Currently, All Elite Wrestling has two weekly television shows with Dynamtie airing on Wednesday nights for two hours on TBS while Rampage is one hour on TNT every Friday. Normally, Dynamite is a live show while Rampage is usually taped after Dynamite.

For several weeks, there have been numerous reports about what this new AEW show is and what the company has planned for it. A recent report noted that the new show would likely include a returning CM Punk as part of the new AEW show that would air on Saturdays.

Andrew Zarian of Mat Men Radio provided some more details on this new AEW show:

“This show looks to be starting on June 17 in Chicago…A Saturday night show. I’m hearing it’s a two-hour show from 8-10 [pm EST] on Saturdays.”

“I also believe this is going to be on TNT. Multiple people I spoke to said probably on TNT.”

While also talking about the new show, Zarian mentioned there will likely be pre-emptions for the Saturday night show because TNT show live NBA and NHL games. In this time of year in April, May and into June, there are the NBA & NHL Playoffs that could air on Saturdays, which could cause this new AEW show to get moved to a different timeslot sometimes. However, if the new show debuts on June 17th then it will be after TNT is airing playoff games.

As for the Saturday show’s name, it’s expected to be called Collision. There is not currently an AEW event scheduled for Saturday, June 17th, but that’s likely when it will debut.

In addition to all that, Zarian noted that AEW could announce this new TV show in mid-May.

It’s important to note until AEW officially announces it then it’s all speculation, but it appears as though Collision will start on June 17th in Chicago and it will air on TNT.

H/T WrestlingNewsco