Jey Uso Offers Valuable Advice For Aspiring WWE Superstars

Jey Uso wearing 'Yeet' t-shirt

Jey Uso is a main event-level performer in WWE who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to making it big in the pro wrestling world.

During the 2024 WWE Draft, Jey Uso was the top draft pick for the Raw brand among people eligible to be drafted on the first night. While Jey has yet to win a championship as a singles wrestler, the fact that he was thought of so highly in the draft shows what WWE management thinks of him.

For the first decade-plus of his career, Jey Uso was one-half of the legendary tag team known as The Usos. While a reunion could be coming some day, the brothers are on their own now and Jey is thriving.

On the current WWE roster, Jey Uso is one of the most experienced wrestlers since he’s been a part of the company for 14 years. When he speaks, his peers should listen.

In an interview with the Battleground podcast, Jey had some friendly advice for anybody wanting to get into the world of pro wrestling.

“If you’re trying to do this for like, some likes and views and fame this ain’t it bro. Because a lot of homies are lined up for that and they’re all gonna fail.”

As he continued, Jey spoke about how important it was to learn the craft of pro wrestling.

“I feel like just learn this craft. If you really love it, just start in the ring first. Learn the art of wrestling, right? Like it’s cool with characters, but I always take pride in [that]. Not a lot of people can do the entertainment part, the acting part, let alone do the athleticism in the ring – the moves, the bumps.”

“The movement with someone else in there is different with two people, let alone four or five. Protect the art, protect the business. If you really want to, get down and learn. Just don’t do what you see on Instagram. You know what I’m saying, Uce? Just protect what we love. It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.”

Jey Uso Set For Huge Match On WWE Raw

The King of the Ring tournament is down to four wrestlers after twelve men have been eliminated from the tournament. On the May 20th edition of WWE Raw, Jey Uso will have a tough test in the semifinals when he faces former Intercontinental GUNTHER.

Whoever wins that match between Jey and GUNTHER will move on to the King of the Ring Finals to face the winner of Smackdown’s match between Randy Orton and Tama Tonga. The Raw winner and Smackdown winner will face off at the King And Queen of the Ring PLE in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this Saturday, May 25th.

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