WWE Officially Releases Bray Wyatt’s New Entrance Theme, Shatter

Bray Wyatt

The new theme song of WWE superstar Bray Wyatt is available now.

Ever since his WWE return at Extreme Rules on October 8th, fans have been wondering what is coming next for the former WWE and Universal Champion. Since his return, Wyatt appears to have turned the page on his dark past in WWE and talks about wanting to be a better person while often referring to the dark ways of his former persona, The Fiend.

However, a lot of Wyatt’s promos on Smackdown are often interrupted by some creepy imagery while a mysterious figure named “Uncle Howdy” often talks about how Wyatt is a liar and he wants to hurt people.

Over the last several weeks, Wyatt has also started a rivalry with LA Knight, which started after a backstage altercation where Wyatt hit Knight with a headbutt. That was followed by Knight slapping Wyatt in the face repeatedly before running away.

Knight has also been attacked randomly during multiple backstage segments. While Wyatt denied that he was the one that did those attacks, Knight insists that it was Wyatt.

Today, WWE released Wyatt’s new theme song called Shatter featuring Code Orange. It has been posted on the WWE Music channel on YouTube.

You can also listen to Bray Wyatt’s new theme song on Spotify, Apple Music and other places you might listen to music as well.

It is unknown when Wyatt will have his first match since returning to WWE although there have been rumors about WWE possibly doing a Pitch Black match with Wyatt at the Royal Rumble, possibly against LA Knight or perhaps there will be another opponent.