William Regal Discusses Giving Advice To WWE Stars During Pandemic

Inside The Ropes William Regal holding an AEW microphone.

William Regal has given an insight into which WWE Superstars came to him for advice whilst the company continued to run during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite plenty of competitors in WWE having vast experience inside the squared circle, the pandemic threw up unique challenges which nobody had worked through in the past. This led to a number of them leaning on William Regal, who they felt would be able to provide additional knowledge to make the behind-closed-doors matches as successful as possible.

Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal revealed the names of two WWE Superstars who came to him during that time, and the points they were looking for assistance with.

Every single talent and every audience member, it’s a different thing that connects us to each other. And I just want to leave that out there, because there’s only a few people that can be around me a lot, Bryan Danielson being one of them. And even he, there’s things that I’ve never had time to talk to him about or topics that haven’t come up or said certain situations.

And I remember at the beginning of COVID he called me up and said ‘Look, I need some help with something because I’m not used to working in front of no crowds.’ So, I’m not going to get into that discussion now, but it was a deep discussion. I remember Edge calling me when he was doing a match with Randy Orton, which was built as the Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time, and he wanted ideas. And so I’ve got all these different things that I can tap into.

Continuing on, William Regal discussed the value of his podcast, and how it’s another platform for him to provide knowledge to the wider wrestling world.

Well, I’d like to leave that for everybody, whether they want it or not, it’s there. If we do enough of these podcasts, enough topics will come up and enough questions and enough situations that hopefully, at least most of what’s in my brain is left out there, and let’s put it that way. For people in whatever amount it is that go by, can learn what to do and what not to do.

William Regal also recently discussed how he is able to use his name in AEW, and what would have stopped him using it.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.