Why WWE Had No Interest In Velveteen Dream Prior To Arrests

The Velveteen Dream sits on announce desk at NXT TakeOver Chicago II

In the most unsurprising pieces of wrestling news this year, WWE’s new regime has no interest in bringing back “public relations nightmare”, The Velveteen Dream.

Despite his continuous social media teases, there are no plans for The Velveteen Dream to return to WWE. This comes via Fightful Select, who noted from a source that a “miracle” situation would be required for the real-life Patrick Clark to be rehired; another source described it as a “public relations nightmare”.

The Velveteen Dream reportedly had what was described as “significant heat” within the NXT locker room at the time of his final televised appearance. Furthermore, he’d allegedly been talked to on several occasions at the WWE Performance Center for displaying odd behaviour and mannerisms, another situation labelled as a “headache”.

The one-time NXT North American Champion has been arrested on a number of occasions, most recently for first degree battery on a gym employee, trespassing on said gym’s grounds, and being in possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s since admitted to cocaine use while in NXT, which is supposedly what led to a quiet suspension.

Previously touted as the future of WWE for his impeccable in-ring work and unique personality, The Velveteen Dream was accused of sexual harassment towards a minor in early 2020, ending all possibility of him making it further than he had. He stopped appearing on television by that winter, and was subsequently released a few months later.