Vince McMahon’s Very Particular Eating Habits Detailed

Vince McMahon eating iron bar

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette has gone in-depth to reveal the strange eating habits of former WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

Many have noted over the years of Vince McMahon’s eccentricities – to put it mildly. His aversion to sleep, sneezing, and anything other that suggests a lack of control are well known and now thanks to Jim Cornette, so are McMahon’s eating habits.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the long-time manager of The Midnight Express tried to detail everything he’d seen Vince McMahon consume during the two men’s time working together:

“I’m trying to think of everything I’ve ever seen Vince McMahon eat. Every day that we wrote at his house and we went down to the little store and he’d buy us lunch. They had like a deli with all kinds of sandwiches. They would make you, you know, cheese steaks, they’d make you chicken fingers, they’d make a variety of things.”

“He would get a plain turkey sandwich on, I think, white bread with like, mustard. No mayonnaise, only mustard because there’s fat in it, but not a lot of that. And that’s what he would eat, a turkey sandwich with a little mustard for lunch.”

“Every time I’ve seen him at a nice restaurant, it would be a steak. And then at catering in the buildings, he would on purpose eat that bland, tasteless grilled chicken and the dry stuck together f*cking pasta. That’s, grilled chicken and dry pasta and f*cking salad must be apparently what bodybuilders eat. Because that’s all that we ever had at catering in the 90s in the WWF.”

“Now, I went down for the Hall of Fame. It is like walking into Morton Steakhouse. They had more condiments than a goddamn convenience store. I ate three meals while I was there that day. They had salmon that was delicious, they had varieties of meats and everything was seasoned. It was food you would actually order on purpose.”

“But in the 90s it was what Vince would eat and what he would want his bodybuilders to eat, which was bland, unseasoned grilled chicken, a big bowl of pasta, if you stuck a fork in it and brought the fork out the whole bowl of pasta would come out together because there was no sauce on it. A little f*cking Parmesan cheese on the side and a big bowl of salad.”

“That’s what we had for catering so that’s why I was always sending f*cking Harvey Wippleman or somebody out for something, steak and shake, chicken wings. Wherever the f*ck we might be, surprise me, give me some f*cking food. So that’s Vince. He has said this before. He doesn’t eat for enjoyment. It’s fuel to him. It keeps the body going. That’s the reason he eats. So it’s either gonna be a turkey sandwich, some dry, bland and unfattening and ungreasy f*cking catering, or a goddamn steak.”

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