Former WWE Star Claims Vince McMahon “Propositioned” Ashley Massaro

Vince McMahon walking to ring

A former WWE Superstar has claimed that Vince McMahon repeatedly propositioned Ashley Massaro during her time with the company.

Despite his shock retirement as WWE’s CEO and Chairman, controversy continues to swirl around Vince McMahon. The billionaire’s announcement on July 22nd sparked a chain reaction of events which saw Stephanie McMahon appear on SmackDown and Brock Lesnar walk out of the taping before returning for the main event segment.

His departure comes as he stands accused of paying four women more than $12 million in “hush payments” across 16 years. One claim alleged that McMahon coerced a female wrestler into performing oral sex on him. It is also claimed that McMahon demoted the wrestler when she ended their affair and failed to renew their contract after she turned down further sexual advances.

He later paid the woman $7.5 million for her silence.

In June, it was also alleged that McMahon made a similar payment of $3 million to a former employee with whom he had an affair.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Cafe De Rene podcast, with Rene Dupree, former WWE Superstar Paul London has now alleged that McMahon also made numerous unwanted advances towards former star Ashley Massaro.

“I do remember, specifically, many times when she would be crying to me because Vince was propositioning her to fly on the jet with them. Kevin Dunn, Bucktooth Bucky, would be telling her that she has to fly on the jet with them… Every now and then, they’d always put the Divas up at like the TV hotel or whatever, he’d be knocking on her door and trying to get her to answer.”

During her time with the company Massaro was reportedly sexually assaulted during a WWE tour of Kuwait, with McMahon begging her to keep the incident secret.

H/t to Wrestling Inc