Backstage Update On Brock Lesnar’s Tractor Spot

Brock Lesnar on his tractor, SummerSlam 2022

A new report has shed some light on Brock Lesnar’s use of a tractor in his encounter against Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam, claiming everything didn’t go to plan.

Being advertised as taking place one final time, Brock Lesnar challenged Roman Reigns at SummerSlam for the Unified WWE Undisputed Championship. 40,000 fans were in attendance for a match which many are touting as the best the pair have ever had against each other.

Taking place under Last Man Standing rules, there was always the prospect that The Usos would be ready to back up ‘The Head Of The Table’, however Lesnar made sure he didn’t come to the ring without support of his own in the form of a front loading tractor.

Initially introducing himself from the top of the tractor leering over the title holder, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ quickly took the advantage by leaping from it and launching a flurry of attack on Reigns first in the ring and then mostly outside.

After plenty of attempts to win the match, Brock Lesnar eventually dumped his opponent back in the ring – however rather than looking to inflict more punishment himself, he had even more evil intentions.

Brock Lesnar eventually went back to the seat of the tractor and, after a couple of attempts which shifted the ring from its original position, used the loader to flip up one corner of the ring and send Roman Reigns crashing from the top all the way to the floor on the far outside.

A new report from Pro Wrestling Insider has claimed that the spot was rougher and harder than was originally planned, and in particular when it was tested. The day before the show, a member of the production crew took the position of Brock Lesnar to rehearse lifting the ring, which seemingly went much smoother than it did on the night.

Roman Reigns went on to successfully defend the titles, and will go on to face Drew McIntyre for the gold at Clash At The Castle.