Triple H Compares Sami Zayn To WWE Hall Of Famer

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Triple H shared praise on Sami Zayn after his performance at Elimination Chamber, bringing with it a comparison to a WWE Hall of Famer.

Sami Zayn threw everything he could at Roman Reigns whilst looking to become the new WWE Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion.

But despite not securing the win, Triple H feels that Zayn’s performance and connection with the Montreal crowd reminded him of a former WWE Champion, the hardcore legend Mick Foley.

During the post event press conference, Triple H called Zayn a “special performer” and noted the Canadian’s ability to engage fans with his personality and character development.

“[Sami Zayn is] just a really special performer that in some ways, not in all ways, but in some ways reminds me so much of a Mick Foley in that his connection to a crowd.

One minute can make you laugh, the next minute you can have so much sympathy for him. He’s just, he connects on such an emotional level that I think it’s hard to put it in words and that makes it something really special.”

Triple H battled with all three faces of Mick Foley, as he fought Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack, leading to an historic WWE Championship v Career Hell In A Cell match at No Way Out, just shy of 23 years ago on February 27th 2000.

Sami Zayn shared his feelings on the crowd after an incredible match that showcased the very best in long term storytelling, with fans heavily invested in their desire of a shock win for the former honorary Uce.

Roman Reigns has passed a further milestone in his current reign at WWE’s top Champion but must now pay attention to Cody Rhodes after The American Nightmare’s 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble win earned him the right to face off with The Head Of The Table.

Elsewhere on the card, Logan Paul cost Seth Rollins his shot at the United States Championship, using the interference to goad Rollins into a potential WrestleMania match, whilst Bianca Belair better be ready after discovering who will be challenging for the Raw Women’s Championship.

H/t to Sescoops