Tony Khan Wants To Add Even More To The AEW Schedule

Tony Khan AEW

AEW President Tony Khan has commented on increasing the number of shows his company produces moving forward in 2023.

Since AEW formed in 2019, the company has only held a handful of matches on shows that haven’t aired either on television or YouTube. Unlike WWE, AEW is yet to venture into a regular touring schedule and hold live events, but that could be about to change.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Tony Khan indicated that he wants AEW to produce more live events going forward and that Jeff Jarrett, in his new role as the company’s Director of Business Development, could be pivotal to this:

“I think in 2023, I would love to expand our content, and we have such a great roster. I think I can utilize the people on the roster even more, and there’s ways we can do that by expanding the content, doing more shows, and I do think live events is something we could do more of, and we have the potential to do that.”

“We have the wrestlers, and we have the interest around the country, and there’s markets that we’re just now hitting for the first time in years. We have that capacity. That’s one of the reasons I wanna do more live events and increase our live event revenue, bring it up because that’s one of the reasons I brought in somebody who has such great experience there in Jeff Jarrett, who has worked in the office of, I guess at least four promotions, off the top of my head, if not more and wrestled in countless promotions.”

“So certainly Jeff’s experiences are so valuable in that area. So as we expand live events, I think Jeff, with his experience there, will be a great person to help grow that part of the company, in addition to being a great wrestler.”

AEW has fans in the UK excited following the announcement that the company will be heading to London, England at some point in 2023.

h/t Fightful