The Young Bucks Battled The Usos In A Match That Will Never Air

The Usos and The Young Bucks

Before becoming two of the top tag teams in professional wrestling, The Usos and The Young Bucks clashed in a match that will never be seen on television.

Over the past decade, The Usos have risen to the top of the WWE, racking up multiple Tag Team Championship wins and recently becoming the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, reigning over both Raw and SmackDown.

Meanwhile, The Young Bucks have made their names as one of the top teams in wrestling through runs in ROH, NJPW, and now AEW. The duo show no signs of slowing down even after being defeated by the veteran Hardy Boys at Double or Nothing.

Though the two teams have been dominant forces for years now, many believed they would never face each other to determine the greatest tag team in modern wrestling. This is because, while The Usos have been mainstays of WWE, The Young Bucks have been wrestling everywhere else.

However, speaking on the debut episode of his Gentleman Villain podcast (available via AdFreeShows), William Regal revealed that this dream match did actually take place, only it happened twelve years ago, long before either team was in their prime.

“There was a group of extra talent that was brought to every show. Part of that was The Young Bucks. I liked them straight away. We had a great few days together. I talked to them a lot. They had some incredible matches in the afternoon. In fact, I put them on with the Usos to have a tag match and the two teams tore the place down. So that’s probably something that the fans would love to see. I saw it in the afternoon. I was raving about them.”

Despite Regal being a fan of the Young Bucks, WWE decided against hiring them and the former NXT General Manager explained why he thought that was.

“I’d been told a few things. Now I could have some of these things wrong. But there were a few guidelines. The guidelines were that we don’t like to hire anybody under 20-something and I can’t remember if it was 22 or 25. The reason being, they can’t even rent you a rental car. It has something to do with rental cars.

“I’m just hearing little bits of information from people, and I could have this completely wrong, but this is what I remember. I’ve heard different people tell me who know them far better than me, they’d already made up their minds that they were going to Ring of Honor, they didn’t really care about this gig. A while after that, I found out that they were older than what they were.”

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