The Young Bucks Contacted Talent About WWE Move

The Young Bucks AEW

The Young Bucks are one of the cornerstones of AEW but a new report indicates that the team sent feelers out to WWE talent about a potential move.

This news comes amidst a time of great unrest in AEW with chaos breaking out backstage after All Out in the wake of CM Punk’s inflammatory comments at the post-show press conference.

Punk’s remarks led to a backstage fight with CM Punk alleged to have thrown a punch at Matt Jackson while Punk’s friend and AEW producer Ace Steel is reported to have thrown a chair that connected with the head or eye of Nick Jackson.

As a result, several stars including The Young Bucks have been suspended by the company and The Bucks and Kenny Omega have been stripped of the AEW Trios Championship that they captured at All Out.

The Wrestling Observer‘s Ryan Frederick wrote on the F4W Board that The Young Bucks – who are also Executive Vice Presidents in AEW – had enquired through unnamed talent about a potential switch to WWE when their deals are up. But Frederick is at pains to note that all talent should be doing similar things:

“They didn’t sign new deals. Their options were picked up. They did reach out to a talent to send feelers that they would be interested in talking about coming in when their deals are up. But, everyone on both sides are going to do the same because you want to look for the best deal. Anyone who doesn’t do so is dumb and possibly leaving money on the table.”

“[…] They reached out to a talent to send feelers about coming it. I can’t say they talked to anyone direct at WWE, but that would fall under tampering and this came at the same time the legal letters were being sent about tampering. Can’t confirm they actually talked to WWE people themselves, but they talked to other WWE talent about coming in, which they can do (much like WWE talent can send feelers thru AEW talent, which has happened and happens on both sides often).”

“It’s not something they wouldn’t have done anyways since their deals are coming up at the end of 2024, and you want to maximize your leverage when it comes to getting a new deal and get the companies into a bidding war. It’s not necessarily a sign that they’re going to leave. Everyone should do it.”