Seth Rollins Attacked By Fan Live On WWE Raw [Video]

Seth Rollins raises arms on entrance ramp

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan as he made his way to the back.

The fan jumped over a guardrail and ran straight at Seth Rollins as he was walking away from the ring up the entrance ramp. The incident was caught on television before the camera quickly cut away.

Video footage from fans in attendance quickly emerged, showing that the fan was able to tackle Rollins before security could respond. The attacker was quickly taken away to loud “A**hole” chants from the crowd.

You can watch a video of the attack below.

Prior to the attack, Seth Rollins had been in the ring celebrating his win in the Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Tag battle for brand supremacy. the ‘Drip God’ was the sole survivor for Team Raw, eliminating Jeff Hardy last to get the victory, something he was all too happy to remind the audience about.

After Rollins listed his accomplishments from Survivor Series, claiming that he did it all by himself, another member of Team Raw, Finn Balor, came out to confront him. Rollins attacked the ‘Prince’, and the two brawled around the ring. Rollins eventually laid Balor out with a Stomp, then came back to the ring to hit a second.

It was at this point he was attacked by the fan on his way to the back.

The above footage also came out, showing that the fan was escorted from the arena by security.