Sammy Guevara Addresses “Blatant Lies” About His Attitude

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AEW wrestler Sammy Guevara has responded with a lengthy statement in reply to claims that he was difficult to work with.

Following the recent news about Eddie Kingston being suspended due to an issue he had with a Sammy Guevara comment on AEW TV, there have been reports about Sammy’s attitude.

There was reportedly a plan that Guevara would face Kingston at the AEW All Out pay-per-view on September 4th, but the match is off. AEW has announced that Kingston will face Tomohiro Ishii on the All Out pre-show instead.

The main issue between Guevara and Kingston is that the former TNT Champion Guevara referred to Kingston as a “fat piece of sh*t” in a promo that was edited off the taped Rampage broadcast. Guevara claimed that he wasn’t told by Kingston that any topics were off limits, so he just did a promo as a heel character.

After the initial reports of the story, there were also claims that Guevara was “difficult to work with” as several of AEW’s wrestlers apparently didn’t want to work with him after Guevara’s recent feud with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky.

While speaking on his personal vlog, the newly married Guevara responded to these reports saying they were blatant lies.

“I just have a couple of things to get off my chest. There’s been so much random drama, random stuff that has been said in the past week or so. It’s exhausting. It’s exhausting to see blatant lies said about me or shade being thrown. I’ve read so much random to where it’s like, ‘where are they getting this?’ It’s just people making up so much stuff.”

“I saw something that said, ‘I’m difficult to work with. Not a lot of people want to work with me.’ I know it’s not true. The problem is, because of the internet, people don’t know the difference. When people spread these rumours, regardless if they’re true or not, no fact checks. These things are taken as fact. They can affect me. I guess that’s why I’m on here now because I’m not going to try to convince people that I’m a good person. People who already have their mind made up of me, they’re not going to change their mind. It’s insane.”

“What I will say, and that’s why I wanted to get on here, you read so much of this stuff, then you start to question yourself, which I did. I start to wonder, am I a piece of shit? Am I this person that everyone is painting me out to be? I was starting to feel pretty down. I do try to do my best to be the best I can. I try to help people when I can, I try to be as nice as possible and respectful to everybody, no matter where they are on the card or what their position is in life, I try to treat everybody the same.”

Guevara also shared that he had a recent positive interaction with an extra backstage at an AEW show.

“Last Wednesday I was reading a bunch of shit, and I was starting to feel a little down. Before I left, a guy who was an extra there actually came up to me and he said ‘hey I just wanted to tell you, you were one of the only people who said hi to me today, and it made me feel welcomed’ and he just thanked me for doing that. That made me feel good, man.

Little things that people don’t even understand, where it could change someone’s mindset. I was feeling pretty down, feeling like maybe I’m a bad person, then this person comes up to me, tells me this, and it’s like ‘okay, the internet is not real, I know what’s real,’ and I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I’m gonna keep pursuing my destiny, and keep working towards it until I get it.

“Thank you to the people who support me, thank you to the people who are on my side. I know it seems like there is always some drama, every so often with me. That’s what happens when you’re chasing greatness. People want to see you do good, but people don’t want to see you do great. Thank you to the people who see what’s real. Just know, I’m not gonna stop. I appreciate you guys.”

The newly married Guevara was victorious in a mixed-tag team match with his wife Tay Melo on the August 26 edition of Rampage. Guevara is not currently scheduled for a match at AEW All Out on September although that could change after live episodes of Dynamite and Rampage in Chicago.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.