Rumour Killer On White Rabbit Tic Tac Toe Game

The Bunny White Rabbit stands in-ring on WWE Raw 2014

A new White Rabbit-themed game of tic tac toe has caused speculation that this is another tease for the ongoing WWE storyline – but all is not as it seems.

WWE programming has been rife with teases of a mysterious ‘White Rabbit‘ figure, as a range of QR codes has led fans down a rabbit hole of figuring out who, exactly, is behind the mystery. Currently, Bray Wyatt is leading the charge, amidst rumours of a possible return.

Over on the popular r/SquaredCircle forum, a White Rabbit-themed tic tac toe game has gone viral, which, understandably so, has resulted in theories linking it to the WWE storyline. Per Fightful Select, however, it’s merely a coincidence that the game has gone viral at the same time.

Teases for the character began in the middle of September, as White Rabbit, the Jefferson Airplane song, began playing during commercial breaks of Raw and SmackDown, as well as during untelevised live events.

The most recent QR code teaser, shown during the 26 September Raw broadcast, led fans to a TikTok video from @_comewithme. Featuring old footage of WWE and ECW performers, the video focused on the key phrase, “Who killed the world? You did”. Coordinates were also included for the postal code of Corbin, Kentucky.