Roman Reigns On Why “Cowboy” Brock Lesnar Was Important For SummerSlam Match

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, SummerSlam 2022

Roman Reigns is grateful that Brock Lesnar brought his newer “cowboy” persona to SummerSlam.

Lesnar’s most recent WWE run has been marked by something unusual. The soft-spoken and no-nonsense Brock Lesnar was replaced with an upbeat and talkative Lesnar full of personality.

He was still the same ass kicker as before, but this time around he spoke with confidence and had something resembling a gimmick. And it’s that gimmick that Roman Reigns is glad to have fought.

Speaking to The Ringer’s Jonathan Snowden, Reigns noted that Lesnar’s new character forced him to step his game up to that he could live up to new expectations:

“To me, if he doesn’t level up and showcase the Cowboy Brock character, then don’t nobody give a shit about Brock next to the Tribal Chief.

I was able to push my level up, which he knew, OK, ‘this guy’s creating different levels and layers to this, let me step my game up.’ And he did that.” “That was just a perfect recipe of two performers who want to be the best, and both have pretty legitimate claims to that territory.

And when you get two guys who compete, it’s not backstabbing. We’re looking each other in the eyes and we’re telling each other, ‘I’m better than you and if you don’t show me, then this is the end of the road for you.’ People probably said, ‘Oh God, not Brock-Roman again.’ And then we go out there and deliver a classic. Got better on that last one.

And I think that’s the key to the kingdom. How do we continually get better? How do we upgrade? How do we push ourselves to the next level? How do we continue to move these goal posts?”

While Brock Lesnar isn’t expected back anytime soon, Roman Reigns will be busy this upcoming weekend as he competes in a WarGames match at Survivor Series.