Ric Flair Jokes That AEW Legend Owes Him Money

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Ric Flair wants a payment from an AEW wrestling legend who may have benefited from working with The Nature Boy in the past.

The AEW debut of Ric Flair on the October 25th episode of Dynamite led to the announcement that the two-time WWE Hall of Famer had signed a new deal with All Elite Wrestling.

While Ric Flair would likely want to wrestle again, the 74-year-old legend is at an age where it’s probably wise if he never had a match again.

In July 2022, Ric Flair wrestled at an event called “Ric Flair’s Last Match” where he teamed up with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal. Flair has said in the past that he passed out twice during the match due to dehydration, but he managed to pick up the win in the match.

During an interview with ComicBook, Flair commented that Jarrett should pay him because Jeff was hired by AEW later in 2022.

“He [Jay Lethal] and [Jeff] Jarrett owe me money! After the last match, [Jarrett] got hired by AEW. What the hell? I should get ten percent of their money (laughs).”

“They’re great together. I’m happy for Jeff and I think the world of Jay Lethal, he’s one of the most entertaining people in the world. He can do me and [“Macho Man” Randy] Savage better than we could do ourselves.”

Ric Flair Recalls Legendary TNA Segment With Jay Lethal

The Randy Savage name drop by Flair was in reference to a legendary TNA promo exchange between Flair and Lethal on June 17, 2020 when the two men engaged in a promo face-off where Lethal imitated the Macho Man. Flair spoke about how they didn’t rehearse the segment while praising Lethal as a performer.

“I’m not a rehearse guy. I got to hear the crowd. You got to remember we’re at [Universal Studios], right? It’s not like you’re in a hometown crowd. You’re not going to get the expected reaction. There’s people that are buying a ticket like anything else, to go to an event.”

“It was great and I just think the world of Jay. On top of that, he’s one of the most underestimated performers in the business. He’s really good.”

Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett have been a regular tag team in AEW over the last year while getting numerous title shots, but they have yet to win gold together.