R-Truth On CM Punk – “I Neva Thought You Were Impressive At All”

CM Punk may be the toast of the wrestling world right now as the reverberations are still felt from his jaw-dropping AEW debut but R-Truth says he’s not a fan.

The 53 time WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth responded to a clip on TikTok where Punk was speaking on his ill-fated 2014 appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast. During that appearance, the former WWE Champion Punk spoke about his frustrations with some questionable booking decisions. One of those being decisions was when the all-star team of Triple H and CM Punk were defeated on pay-per-view by R-Truth and The Miz at Vengeance 2011.

At the time, The Awesome Truth were causing a nuisance to WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H as they complained about a conspiracy in WWE that was holding them back. Miz and R-Truth were at the forefront of a ‘walk out’ in the company that left just Triple H, John Cena, Sheamus, and CM Punk to hold the fort on Raw. This then led to the tag team match at Vengeance in October 2011 that Miz and Truth won after interference from Kevin Nash.

Writing a comment on the offending video, R-Truth said:

“CM Punk you lost to me and Miz cause we were HOTTER than you sorry, and I neva thought you were impressive at all, just typical entitlement.”

You can see Truth’s comment below.

While it is not known how far Truth’s tongue was in his cheek when he wrote the comment, he and Miz may well have claimed the victory for another booking reason altogether.

The next month at Survivor Series 2011, The Awesome Truth faced what is perhaps WWE’s all-time dream tag team when John Cena teamed with his WrestleMania 28 and 29 opponent, The Rock. Truth may have been more impressed with that duo as The Rock and Cena put The Awesome Truth and their conspiracy theories to rest.