QR Code Displayed During WWE RAW, Links Back To Mysterious Rabbit Game


WWE continues with the teases.

During the 9/19 episode of Monday Night RAW, a QR code was displayed behind Austin Theory during a backstage segment. Fans didn’t take long to scout out the code, which led to a mysterious rabbit-version of the popular children’s hangman word guessing game.

The site, featuring the video, can be found by clicking here.

It didn’t take long for fans to bring up Bray Wyatt, who eventually began trending on Twitter following the code’s arrival. It’s interesting to point out that 9.23 and 9:23 are shown at the video’s conclusion. 9/23 is the date of this Friday’s edition of SmackDown, while the time 9:23 (eastern) is prominent because someone walked around in the crowd during tonight’s episode of RAW, holding a massive version of the same QR code, which led back to the same website.

Only time will tell who the teases are for and it appears as if we may be finding out the identity of who’s behind it, this Friday, on SmackDown.

TJR’s full report on the 9/19 episode of Monday Night RAW can be found shortly following the show’s conclusion.