Paul Wight Names Wrestlers He Wants To Face In AEW

Paul Wight hasn’t wrestled since being beaten by Randy Orton on Monday Night RAW back in July 2020.

However, after the giant delivered a devastating Chokeslam to Aaron Solow on the latest edition of AEW Dynamite, he might be about to change that.

The slow-burning feud between announcer Tony Schiavone and The Factory hit a flashpoint on the most recent episode of the show with QT Marshall attacking Schiavone’s son, Chris. Wight is an announcer alongside Schiavone on AEW Dark: Elevation, so he slowly hit the ring to make the save, taking out Solow in the process.

This has led to speculation that a return to the ring for Wight, might be just around the corner. Speaking to The Ring Report, Wight revealed that he already has several names in mind who he would like to work with.

The former World Champion described Kenny Omega as “amazing” before also praising “Hangman” Adam Page.

“One I’m blown away by, and I can say this hopefully without ruining kayfabe, but Kenny Omega is amazing. Just to watch him work in the ring and the way he hustles and bumps and feeds…the guy is really next-level talent, especially as a heel with the way he works. The Young Bucks are brilliant. I’ve really enjoyed watching those guys in the tag team division, especially with their heel turn. It’s been great. Hangman Adam Page is just a red hot babyface in the making; this guy can definitely carry that AEW Championship and do something with it.”

Continuing on, Wight mentioned Lance Archer before suggesting that Darby Allin would be the perfect opponent should he work as a heel.

“The ‘Murderhawk’ Lance Archer…he’s really, really come into his own with that whole Murderhawk gimmick. He’s intense in the ring and wrestles a lot bigger than he is. I really like his presence in the ring.”

“Darby Allin is probably my top pick if I was a heel. Anyone who is a heel right now that has a chance to work with Darby, that’s the perfect babyface to work with right now. He exemplifies what a babyface is today. He’s a little eccentric, a little different, but he’s just in your face every time coming back for more. I really appreciate him.”

The former Big Show also had another wrestler worth mentioning: Jungle Boy. Wight described the star as someone you would “love to work with.”

“Some other talents in AEW are coming along. Jungle Boy is another babyface you’d love to work with. I always tease him and call him ‘grizzled’ because I think he’s had the most matches in AEW. It’s like 53 or 54 so far which is crazy when he’s as young as he is, but he’s got really good ring presence and he’s another one I think in the right program could really accelerate to that next level superstar babyface with the right heel behind to push him. There’s a lot of younger talent there I’ll hopefully get chance to work with like Hobbs and Luchasaurus, this incredibly athletic big monster. For me, I see a lot of potential line-ups.”

It has been announced that Paul Wight will be heading to the UK to join Inside The Ropes for “An Evening With Paul Wight.” You can buy tickets for the three-night tour here.