News: WWE’s 50 Greatest Tag Team Countdown Begins #50 to #36 Revealed, Will Not Include Teams from Other Companies

The first installment of WWE’s 50 Greatest Tag Team countdown debuted today on Peacock/WWE Network. The countdown is hosted by the NXT tag team Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango) at the WWE warehouse.

There were some ground rules explained in the opening episode.

It was made clear by the hosts that they will be ranking WWE tag teams over the last 50 years, so as much as they like WCW tag teams like Harlem Heat and the Hollywood Blonds, they won’t be on the list. The way the list was ranked was by looking at the title reigns, the longevity and the cultural impact they had. They encouraged fans to talk about the list using the hashtag #WWE50GreatestTagTeams as well.

That was it for the introduction to the show. The rankings began from there.

50. The Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke)

49. Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty)

48. The Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre)

47. Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart Gunn)

46. Strikeforce (Tito Santana & Rick Martel)

45. The Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu)

44. Kane & X-Pac

43. Batista & Ric Flair

42. MNM (Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury with Melina)

41. Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags)

40. Rated RKO (Randy Orton & Edge)

39. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

38. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano)

37. World’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas)

36. Money Inc. (Ted Dibiase & Irwin R. Schyster)

The next part of the countdown that will likely cover the teams ranked #35 to #21 will air next Wednesday.

Here’s the video about Team Rated RKO (Randy Orton & Edge).