More WWE “White Rabbit” Details Emerge, Karrion Kross Responds To Rumors

White Rabbit

The WWE Universe, and wrestling community as a whole, has been in a complete uproar ever since Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” was played during a SmackDown commercial break on September 16th.

Not just that, but the song was also played during WWE house shows on the same weekend.

Multiple videos of the segments have been posted on social media, and the footage has included red lights being flashed and fans holding up their cell phone lights.

A QR code was also featured at least twice on last week’s Raw that teased “White Rabbit,” sending fans to a vignette of a hangman game, asking the question, “Who killed the world?” The answer would be, “You did.”

With all of the connections and Bray Wyatt saying nearly the exact same thing to Michael Cole in a 2015 interview, it has many speculating whether or not this could mean the return of “The Fiend.”

During his “Firefly Funhouse” episodes, Wyatt showcased a gimmick similar to The Mad Hatter, and with “Alice In Wonderland” featuring a white rabbit taking us down the rabbit hole, which is what WWE is doing to its universe now, it has a lot of fans certain that this is signaling the return of Wyatt.

This also comes amidst reported talks between Wyatt and WWE about a possible return.

However, Bray Wyatt isn’t the only person that fans are connecting the “White Rabbit” mystery to. Karrion Kross has also been mentioned as a possibility of being the one behind the teases, as Kross was nicknamed “The White Rabbit” during his Lucha Underground days. Some fans are wondering if this could mean the return of his former gimmick.

Not only that, but an hourglass was also featured on the hangman vignette, which could possibly be a reference to Kross’ “tick tock” saying. However, it should be noted that the white rabbit in “Alice In Wonderland” was obsessed with time.

Adding fuel to the fire, Kross also said that the mystery could be linked to him, and, well, it might not be either, further leaving fans in the dark.

“Assume nothing” would be where it would start with Kross, responding to a fan about the “White Rabbit” rumors.

That’s not where the confusion would stop, however. Kross tweeted this:

“Call me a killer, guilty as charged


I wouldn’t look to me as a suspect for any of this.

I’m an innocent killer.

People are reaching for answers and have no idea what to grasp for.

Keep watching and have fun.

That’s what I’m doing.”

The tweet would also be followed by Kross’ trademark hourglass.

Kross wouldn’t end there either, responding to another fan who made a reference to his time in Lucha Underground as “The White Rabbit,” simply replying with a white rabbit, a hole beside it, then a question mark appears, followed by another hourglass.

Another fan would also tweet about the Lucha Underground “White Rabbit,” with Kross putting out another tweet in response, this time a GIF of Sycho Sid laughing hysterically.

Some fans view Kross as teasing the “White Rabbit” phenomenon whether it’s actually associated with him or not.

Currently, Karrion Kross is rivaling Drew McIntyre, with Kross playing head games with the “Scottish Warrior.” Last Friday on SmackDown, the two would end up getting into a fight, with Kross getting the last laugh as he once again choked out McIntyre to put him to sleep – this after Scarlett Bordeaux hit him in the face with a fireball.

Earlier in the episode, Hit Row would host a backstage party that would feature talent such as the Street Profits, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sonya Deville, Natalya, among others. During the party, however, a QR code would show up in the background, which would be another clue of the “White Rabbit” mystery.

The latest QR code takes us to a game, where the player has to move the white rabbit through a maze and into a door. When the rabbit enters, the word “patricide” appears beside the animal, as well as coordinates of a particular location. That location happens to be Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, where the next episode of WWE Raw is being held.

“Patricide” has two definitions: 1. The act of killing one’s own father … 2. A person who kills their own father or stepfather … During his 2009 debut for FCW, which is now NXT, it was revealed that Wyatt murdered his own father, which is signaling even more that the “White Rabbit” mystery could potentially be about “The Fiend.”

After last Friday’s SmackDown, fans in attendance returned back to their vehicles to find flyers attached to the same image from the most recent QR code – a white rabbit with coordinates that lead to the next episode of Raw.

Before the show, WWE would also release “White Rabbit” merchandise:

The mystery continues…