Mojo Rawley Reveals He “Almost Died” After Contracting COVID-19

Mojo Rawley looking shocked

Dean Muhtadi, known to wrestling fans as WWE star Mojo Rawley, has gone into detail about his life or death battle with COVID-19 and announced that he’s returning to the ring.

Mojo Rawley hasn’t been seen in the ring since his final WWE match in June 2020, with some fans speculating that he had retired from the wrestling business following his April 2021 release from the company.

However, speaking in a new Instagram video, the former Hype Bro revealed that he suffered from a severe case of COVID-19 nineteen months ago, saying it got so bad that he was taken to hospital and almost died.

“I’ve been asked a ton about when I’m coming back to wrestling or if I’m officially retired, so let me go ahead and answer that now.

“About 19 months ago, I got COVID extremely badly. I had to go to the hospital, I almost died, and my lungs were just in really bad shape — so much so that in the beginning I couldn’t have any extra pressure on my lungs or else it would suffocate me. I couldn’t even speak for days on end because I couldn’t get enough air in to talk. Maybe the scariest part of the whole thing was the fact that the doctors had no idea what to say because it was so new.

Rawley went on to explain that, although he’s still not feeling 100% back to normal, he’s officially ready to return to get back in the ring.

“But fast forward 19 months later, and I’m not quite 100%, but I’m getting pretty close. My training has been kicked up and I’m feeling good enough to announce officially that I’m coming back to wrestling, baby. COVID thought it got me, but it must have forgot — I stay hyped!”

While in WWE, Mojo Rawley became known for his hyperactive personality as well as his tag team with Zack Ryder, The Hype Bros. Rawley’s biggest achievement in the company was winning the André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33, admittedly with a little help from long time friend and four-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski.

In 2019, Muhtadi debuted a new serious character who used face paint as a way to show his inner turmoil, but the gimmick was soon abandoned after just one match with Apollo Crews. Rawley has since revealed that he was against the gimmick.

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.