Tony Khan Comments On Speculation He Could Wrestle In AEW

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has responded to speculation he could wrestle a match.

On the April 24th episode of AEW Dynamite, Jack Perry and the Young Bucks brutally attacked Tony Khan leaving him staring at the lights.

Khan hasn’t been seen on AEW television since, and on May 1st, The Elite repeated the trick and beat down Kenny Omega to the disgust of the Winnipeg crowd.

As chaos continues to engulf his promotion, Khan spoke to Tony Pike and Rick Ucchino on Cincy 360 and addressed rumours he could step into the ring to get his own revenge. When asked about potentially wrestling a match, Khan said AEW is where the best wrestle — something that wouldn’t be the case if he laced up his boots.

Well, AEW is where the best wrestle, and we mean that,” Tony Khan said. “That’s why I want to make sure that the fans get the best matches, the best action. In this case, I’m not the best person to pay those people back. I think there are a lot of things I’m good at behind the scenes. But somebody else is gonna have to go avenge what those guys did.

“Not only to me, but to Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega actually has a big announcement tomorrow night on the show that’ll be important. I think that will be of great interest to The Elite. I’m quite sure there are more capable wrestlers than I am that can inflict some of that punishment on The Elite.”

It’s been announced that Kenny Omega will make an “important announcement” on Dynamite.

Tony Khan Says AEW Match Is Possible

The AEW boss went on to admit that while he could wrestle a match, he’s in no hurry to make it happen.

“[Laughs] Well, it’s possible, but I want to have great matches in AEW. After what happened to me last time, I don’t think I would be making a smart move, trying that. AEW is where the best wrestle, and I want to keep it that way.”

Following his attack at the hands of The Elite, Tony Khan has repeatedly hinted that AEW could get an on-screen authority figure.

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