Pizza Restaurant Owner Responds To Ric Flair’s Complaints

Ric Flair

An owner of a pizza restaurant has responded to Ric Flair’s public complaints.

Ric Flair is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who is under contract with All Elite Wrestling. The 75-year-old Flair is regarded by many as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and has won 16 World Titles in his career although he has claimed the real number is over 20 at least.

In a post on social media that got a lot of attention around the world, Ric Flair claimed he spent $1500 at a Gainesville, Florida pizza restaurant named Piesanos and was kicked out due to a manager taking too long in a bathroom.

I Spent $1500 At @PiesanosSFP To Be Disrespected More Than I Ever Have In My Entire Life. After Taking 20 Pictures With Customers And Staff, I Was Asked To Leave Because Of An Issue I Had With The Kitchen Manager Taking Too Long In The Bathroom. I Would Highly Recommend That Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy A Relaxing Time In Gainesville At A Nice Restaurant To Never Visit This Place! WOOOOO!

The Gainesville Sun has provided some more insight into what happened. According to their story, Ric Flair was in town with family to attend a University of Florida graduation ceremony. Piesanos co-owner Jerry Roberts claimed there was video evidence to support Flair’s dismissal from the restaurant and issued this statement on the matter.

“We have reviewed video of the incident that took place recently at our restaurant. It is clear, our team worked in a professional manner to ensure the safety of guests and staff. We have thanked our team for their professionalism. We are proud of how they responded to this situation using and displaying our team values.”

It was added that Roberts has no plans to release the video to show what Flair may have done in the restaurant.

Another comment from a manager at another Piesanos claimed that Flair was drunk and disorderly in the restaurant.

Ric Flair Says He Had A Heart Attack During His Last Wrestling Match

On July 31, 2022, Ric Flair competed in his final wrestling match with his son-in-law Andrade against Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal. Flair’s team won the match, but the Nature Boy didn’t look well during the match, which isn’t a surprise since she was 73 years old at the time.

In a recent interview, Ric Flair revealed that he found out that he suffered a heart attack during his final match as well.

“Yeah, I trained (for my last match), I got in the best shape, ever since I was 20 years old, and then I had a heart attack during the match. I had a heart attack during the match. A lot of people didn’t (know).”

I didn’t know myself until about six months ago because I went and got a — I go to the heart doctor like every six months because I’ve got the pacemaker, right? And they put that on me when I was real sick, not because I had a problem with my heart, but because they couldn’t get over the fact that my heart rate was so low, but it was from all of those hour-long matches and all that cardio.”

“The guy takes me in and if you look at your heart like a round pie, there’s a piece of my heart right here, this big, it’s black, it’s gone. The guy said, ‘You’ve had a heart attack in the last two years.’ I said, ‘I never hurt.’ He said, ‘Have you passed out in the last two years?’ And during my last match, I passed out three times, and I thought it was because I was dehydrated.

So I went in the locker room, I was with Kid Rock and Taker. I just drank two bottles of Gatorade and went back out to Kid Rock’s place all night long. But I had a heart attack. It didn’t hurt, no, none. I feel great, that’s my problem. I’m sure I’m just gonna fall off a chair one day (he laughed). They’re gonna say, there he is. Get that little son of a b*tch up out of here.”

Ric Flair remains under contract with All Elite Wrestling although he hasn’t been seen since Sting’s retirement match at Revolution two months ago. There are no plans for Flair to ever wrestle again.