Ric Flair Makes Stunning Admission About His Final Match

Ric Flair Reveals His Favourite Opponent Of All Time

Ric Flair’s final match was even more eventful than fans realised.

On July 31st, 2022, Ric Flair stepped in the ring one last time, teaming with Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

Flair competed in the match despite being in his 70s with years of several major health issues behind him. During the bout, Flair appeared to struggle badly and later confirmed he passed out three times.

During an appearance on the JAXXON PODCAST, Flair looked back on his final match and gave an insight into his health. During the conversation, The Nature Boy claimed his pacemaker was fitted because he used to be so fit, not because he had a problem with his heart. He added that without realising he suffered a heart attack during his retirement match.

“Yeah, I trained (for my last match), I got in the best shape, ever since I was 20 years old, and then I had a heart attack during the match. I had a heart attack during the match. A lot of people didn’t (know).

I didn’t know myself until about six months ago because I went and got a — I go to the heart doctor like every six months because I’ve got the pacemaker, right? And they put that on me when I was real sick, not because I had a problem with my heart, but because they couldn’t get over the fact that my heart rate was so low, but it was from all of those hour-long matches and all that cardio.”

Flair went on to break down how he was told about the heart attack.

“The guy takes me in and if you look at your heart like a round pie, there’s a piece of my heart right here, this big, it’s black, it’s gone. The guy said, ‘You’ve had a heart attack in the last two years.’ I said, ‘I never hurt.’ He said, ‘Have you passed out in the last two years?’ And during my last match, I passed out three times, and I thought it was because I was dehydrated.

So I went in the locker room, I was with Kid Rock and Taker. I just drank two bottles of Gatorade and went back out to Kid Rock’s place all night long. But I had a heart attack. It didn’t hurt, no, none. I feel great, that’s my problem. I’m sure I’m just gonna fall off a chair one day (he laughed). They’re gonna say, there he is. Get that little son of a b*tch up out of here.”

Ric Flair Involved In Bizarre Spat With Pizza Restaurant

The comments from Ric Flair came after he called out Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza in Gainesville, Florida on social media.

In the rant, Flair said he’d been asked to leave the restaurant despite spending $1500 after getting into a row with the kitchen manager who he claimed spent too long in the bathroom. (Yes, really).

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