Mick Foley Wants A Rematch Of One Of AEW’s Most Brutal Bouts

Mick Foley

Mick Foley has urged AEW President Tony Khan to see a rematch between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker after their Unsanctioned Lights Out match earlier this year.

The original match took place at St. Patrick’s Day slam and saw the two women inflict a lot of punishment on one another with everything from tables and chairs to ladders and even thumbtacks. In the end, Thunder Rosa emerged victorious, but it was the iconic image of Dr. Britt Baker DMD’s crimson mask that is most remembered by fans.

Hardcore Legend Mick Foley took to Twitter recently to post a picture of himself with the former NWA Women’s Champion, calling her “the true women’s hardcore legend.”

“THUNDER! What a pleasure to meet the true women’s #HardCoreLegend@thunderrosa22 Sorry @RealBrittBaker”

The current AEW Women’s Champion, not letting Foley’s comment lie, told the WWE Hall of Famer to “try again” alongside the image of her bloodied face from the St. Patrick’s Day Slam match. Foley reminded her that it was Rosa who picked up the win in their match, and suggested that Tony Khan might want to book a rematch to settle the argument.

“Last time I checked, Britt, it was @thunderrosa22 who picked up the W. Maybe a rematch is in order. @TonyKhan want to help settle this argument?”

Baker came back to remind Mick Foley that in his own iconic moment – smiling at the camera with blood on his face after being chokeslammed through the Hell in a Cell structure at King of the Ring 1998 – also came in a match that he lost.

“So why is my face the one people remember? You lost Hell In A Cell, too. At least I kept my teeth.”

Mick Foley then conceded that the good dentist had a “valid point.”

Thunder Rosa, who has not been seen on AEW TV since being on the losing of a Triple Threat match on Rampage on September 29th, has not joined Britt Baker and Mick Foley’s war of words.