Mark Henry Praises WWE Star’s “Emmy Worthy” Performances

Mark Henry

Mark Henry is praising a member of The Bloodline for their “Emmy worthy” performances.

Paul Heyman has been praised by many in the WWE Universe for his contributions to the promotion’s storyline of The Bloodline, including from WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

Since becoming Reigns’ Special Counsel in 2020, Heyman has been a focal point of The Bloodline faction, once having his loyalty questioned during Reigns’ rivalry with Brock Lesnar. However, Heyman managed to prove his allegiance and has been tight with the “Tribal Chief” ever since.

Recently on the “Busted Open” podcast, Mark Henry stated that Heyman’s promo skills are what sent Roman Reigns to even further superstardom. During his time with The Bloodline, Heyman is known for bowing down to his “Tribal Chief” and handling all of his political work. For that, Henry believes Heyman deserves an Emmy.

“Paul Heyman, from the beginning, when he decided to take up Roman Reigns after leaving Brock Lesnar and the whole confliction, ‘Okay I’m gonna go back with Brock. I’m gonna go where the title is.’ Paul Heyman with his ability to grovel and beg and put himself in a spot of servitude to Roman Reigns is Emmy-worthy. The performance that he puts on every week, it is awe-inspiring when it comes to handling a microphone.”

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