Malakai Black Discusses Wasting Eight Months During WWE Run

Malakai Black sitting in darkness

Current AEW star Malakai Black has claimed that his last run with WWE was a waste of time after all the plans for him came to nothing.

Malakai Black, using the name Aleister Black during his time with WWE, was drafted to the main roster after a very successful run in WWE. Things came to a halt shortly after the Draft at the end of 2020, when Black was sidelined for several months before vignettes aired for his return.

In what became his Dark Father character, the appearances didn’t last long before Black was released in June 2021. He would debut for AEW a little over a month later due to mistakes which had seemingly been made with his WWE contract.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, Malakai Black has spoken of how the planning for that final run was a waste of time given how quickly it was all cut short with his release.

The Dark Father vignettes were great but it’s always such a questionable thing as to why they [WWE] did what they did. The thing is, I say questionable, now, I obviously know everything that went down and why. Things went the way they went, but it still feels like sometimes an incredible waste of time for me and Chris [Dunn] because we were invested in that thing for eight months.

We spoke a lot, and Chris was a lot of the time my conscience in this. Calming me down because sitting at home for eight months, for a guy like me who loves working, I love to be involved. I’m involved in this process that just eats me alive sometimes.

Malakai Black now works alongside Brody King and Buddy Matthews in AEW as The House Of Black. On the most recent edition of Dynamite, the team attacked The Varsity Blondes, only to be chased away by Death Triangle.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.