Major Update On Stone Cold Steve Austin Cartoon

Stone Cold Steve Austin

A cartoon about Stone Cold Steve Austin is finished and ready to go but office politics continue to prevent the public from seeing it.

Comedian Dan Soder teamed with Dan Saint Germain to write the show. Steve Austin provided input as well and throughout the writing process, Austin exchanged messages with Soder on their ideas and progress. The writing was completed during the COVID Pandemic and the show was sold to Peacock. However, it has remained in limbo ever since.

Speaking on Barstool Radio, Soder vented his frustrations over office politics and other corporate nonsense preventing this show from being released.

“Some bullsh*t right now and me saying publicly will kind of push it thorough, or I’ll just completely f*ck the deal. But at this point, I don’t give a f**k. During the pandemic, Dan Saint Germain and I wrote a show with Stone Cold Steve Austin that was a cartoon, and we sold it to Peacock. But now WWE and Peacock are bullsh*ttin’. It’s been 17 months on the sidelines, and I keep calling these motherf**kers, being like, ‘This is gonna be f**king funny,’ and Stone Cold is like way on board. We’ve developed the show with him, not with the WWE.”

Soder may have answered his own question as to why the show hasn’t been released in the above quote. He noted that he worked directly with Steve Austin and went directly to Peacock to sell the show without WWE’s input. WWE officials likely aren’t keen on Peacock airing a show about one of their biggest-ever stars without their involvement in case it might in some way jeopardize their lucrative deal with Peacock.

The last time Steve Austin was in a cartoon was when WWE had the Camp WWE show on their Network.

h/t for the transcription.