Kurt Angle On Why It’s Tough For Him To Erase Chris Benoit From History

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WWE and a good portion of the wrestling world has wiped away the history of the controversial Chris Benoit, but Kurt Angle has no interest in doing so, and he spoke bluntly about it on his Kurt Angle Show podcast.

Some of the greatest matches that the Olympic gold medalist has ever had has been against Benoit, which had Angle stating “if I erase Chris Benoit, I’m going to erase most of my career.”

Since tragically murdering his wife and son before committing suicide in 2007, WWE has banned Benoit’s name from being spoken within the company.

It’s hard to deny that Chris Benoit was a legendary wrestler during his time in the ring, and many would agree with that despite how they feel about his tragic end. Kurt Angle is one of those people, who admitted that he’s never forgotten the classic body of work that Benoit put out.

During an episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle would go on to clarify that he did not condone the actions of Benoit outside of the ring, saying that he was strictly talking about the squared circle arts of the “Rabid Wolverine.”

“Oh, by the way. I did want to say this. I know that people don’t really care about me talking about Chris Benoit, but I’m not doing it for Chris Benoit. If I erase Chris Benoit, I’m going to erase most of my career. And I’m not going to erase myself. So, a lot of people might not agree with me having this show today talking about Chris and everything. I don’t condone what he did outside the ring, but what he did in the ring was phenomenal, and I love the guy for that.”

Kurt Angle would even go as far as to say that Benoit was the greatest wrestler that he’s ever competed against in his entire career.

“Top two, actually no, number one. He is definitely number one. I put him over everybody as far as in the ring wrestling, not overall entertainer, but in the ring, he was the best.”

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription.