Kurt Angle Calls AEW Star “Real-Life Superman”

Kurt Angle

According to Kurt Angle, one of AEW’s biggest stars really does live up to his reputation as “Superman”.

Claudio ‘Cesaro’ Castagnoli has long been hailed for his incredible strength. Back in WWE, it was common for Michael Cole to call him “pound for pound the strongest man in WWE”. And since then, many of Castagnoli’s fellow wrestlers in both WWE and elsewhere have praised him for his very real natural strength.

That praise has also come from another wrestler who could claim to be Superman, albeit for other reasons. Kurt Angle, one of the toughest and most talented grapplers in wrestling history, echoed other wrestlers’ praise for Castagnoli’s strength.

So much so, that he thinks that WWE really dropped the ball by not taking advantage of Castagnoli’s strengths.

Speaking on his Kurt Angle Show Podcast, Angle made the following comments:

“He [Claudio Castagnoli] should have been a five-time world champion before he left WWE. Not once did they give him the world title. I’m really surprised because that kid can do it all in the ring. He is the pound-for-pound strongest wrestler I’ve ever seen. The stuff he does in that ring is incredible…He’s Superman. He’s the real-life Superman.”

Castagnoli’s most recent major accomplishment was winning the ROH World Title at Death Before Dishonor, before losing it to Chris Jericho.

h/t Cultaholic for the transcription