Jim Cornette Questions If Triple H Has Given Up On Top WWE Star

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette isn’t quite sure where Triple H’s mind is at.

Longtime professional wrestling promoter and personality, Jim Cornette isn’t known to pull any punches when speaking about the current state of professional wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer decided to air his grievances when it comes to the company’s Head of Creative, Triple H’s booking of one of now-former WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon’s favorites, Austin Theory.

When speaking on his ‘Jim Cornette Experience‘ podcast, Cornette ripped into HHH’s booking of the Money In The Bank holder:

“Last week, Kevin Owens and Austin Theory got in a fight and now this week they’re going to have a match. The one undisputed thing that poor billionaire Vince was doing when he lost his mind was trying to push Austin Theory and make him the you know, the one of the next top guys right, he was the handpicked protege of the chairman. He was in all the promos, even if some of the creative was caca, they were trying. Apparently Austin Theory has p*ssed somebody off.

I don’t know what the issue is but especially Triple H being more inclined to push guys that can work and that look like stars and more serious and less of the goofy stuff Vince was into but Theory can’t beat a f*cking rug anymore. He can’t beat his own meat. So through this whole match, they went back and forth. So much at the start, there was neither a defined set of, you know, Theory shining Owens or a defined set of Theory getting some heat on Owens. It was just back and forth, back and forth. And then finally, Theory hit a big neck breaker on Steen on the floor to stop him and they went straight to the commercial break.

So, finally, boom, they come back, they’re still going back and forth very brief bit of heat. And Owens made a comeback. And Theory, again is tremendous, he’s always in the right place. And the people got into this match, I would say more than anything else on the programme. But they for a while, for a while, they fought on top of the top turnbuckle and then Owens missed a moonsault and Theory hit a finish on a boom and gotta to count that out, that should have been it. That would have been perfect right there. But theory got two or three more two counts. And then just said and we’ll all go get the Money in the Bank briefcase, even though the referee is standing right there and has not been bumped or anything.

But as he turns around, guess who’s at ringside holding the briefcase Johnny same face. And guess what happens, Theory stares at same face and then turns back around to the guy that he’s fighting. And the guy that he’s fighting hits him with a super kick at then cannon balls him and power bombs him 123. We just saw this f*cking finish an hour ago. And now not only is Austin Theory the cream of the crop of their young, early 20s prospects doing a job for Owens, bit he’s in an angle with same face have they given up on this guy?

So, then, to add insult to injury Theory sells forever, Owens leaves Johnny’s same face comes in with the briefcase and holds it over Theory and then drops it onto his balls. Which Theory then sells and same face walks off and leaves him. Why didn’t they p*ss in his mouth while he was down there?”

While not a huge fan of ‘The Game’s’ booking of Theory, Jim Cornette is extremely high on a certain WWE SmackDown star. Find out who has Jim Cornette’s backing, by clicking here.