Jim Cornette Thinks The OC Should Stop Referencing Bullet Club

The OC

Legendary wrestling figure Jim Cornette isn’t a fan of The OC’s constant insider references and tributes and believes they should create their own material.

The Jim Cornette Experience is a popular podcast and YouTube show. Many people who listen don’t even follow wrestling anymore or know that much about it but they like listening to Cornette insult and criticize happenings in the wrestling business in his own way. Sometimes Cornette’s commentary is out of genuine disgust or anger towards something or someone; other times he says something because he wants to see pro wrestling thrive, as it did when he was actively involved in it. And it’s from this second perspective that Jim Cornette brings his criticism towards the OC.

After seeing AJ Styles reunite with Gallows and Anderson to ‘reform’ the OC, Cornette argued that the OC’s constant references to things outside WWE’s universe (like the Bullet Club) and the need to re-use the NWO’s Wolf Head gesture doesn’t do them any good. He sees them as unoriginal and that constantly referencing older and better ideas makes the OC look like an inferior group.

“So after that, here comes AJ Styles and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Original Club. Let it go. When I couldn’t have the Midnight Express in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, I didn’t call another team The Afternoon Express or The Morning Express or The Daily Bugle or whatever, the goddamn Stop And Go Express. I just changed the f*cking team name entirely. The Club is over, and I’m not talking about over popular I’m talking about over done with, who gives a sh*t?”

“What to a modern WWE audience does The Original Club mean? They even say The OC and they have on the Titan Tron the only club that matters, what are the dues? Do you get a card? Do you have to wear a t-shirt? They’re trying to refer to something that got over. And as AEW has proven to the WWE I would think by this point, a wrestling promotion cannot exist based on the amount of Japanese wrestling fans there are in the United States of America.”

“And this was a bunch of different people in The Bullet Club that they don’t have the trademark to, so they try instead of doing their own f*cking thing in the biggest promotion in the world that dwarfs New Japan by multiple times. They still want to be The Original Club and do Hall and Nash’s f*cking Wolfpack too sweet bullshit. Why do other people’s sh*t? Why talk about something that you were once a replacement part in? Not even an original part of the f*cking thing? Do other people’s hand signs from 25 years ago, they’re doing biographies on the A&E network on the motherf*ckers that you stole the f*cking hand sign from?”

“So are you a tribute act? Are you a cover band? Why do other more famous people’s sh*t? Why call yourself, hamper yourself, hamstring yourself with a f*cking name The Original Club that nobody in today’s modern day and age that wasn’t watching The Bullet Club seven years ago or whatever the f*ck it was understands it to begin with.”

Unfortunately for Jim Cornette, his argument is likely to fall on deaf ears since Anderson recently argued that the Bullet Club isn’t as “dead” as many people think.

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