Jim Cornette Calls MJF On Dynamite A “Work Of Art”

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Jim Cornette is a master of the microphone and the wrestling legend has praised MJF heavily after a recent promo on AEW Dynamite.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his return to AEW at the All Out pay-per-view on September 4th as a masked man that won the Casino Ladder Match. MJF wasn’t even announced in the match, but he won because Stokely Hathaway and a group of wrestlers beat up other wrestlers in the match leading to MJF capturing the coveted poker chip.

At the end of All Out, MJF revealed himself as the man under the mask and by holding the poker chip, it means he will get a future AEW World Title match. MJF had a long distance with CM Punk, who was the AEW World Title at the time.

On the September 7th episode of Dynamite, MJF started the show with a promo sucking up the Buffalo crowd and then turning on them after Jon Moxley appeared. A lot of people praised the promo, including Jim Cornette. While talking about Dynamite on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary wrestling manager/booker praised the promo heavily.

“I’ll tell you why I thought it was brilliant, not just the performance, he’s always good with that, but there was special oomph to this, but the people were going to cheer anyway. They were going to cheer because it’s MJF and he’s back and after all this other sh*t show they’ve seen at least there is something we might want to watch, right? So he let them get it out of their system.

Taking a page out of the Johnny Valentine book, you want to chat boring, I’ll f*cking bore you. Get it out of your system. And then I’m f*cking his dog, and you’re holding its head. Johnny Valentine, that statement made for the first time I’ve ever made it may be actually true.

So MJF convinced us that he was going to be an over the top gimmick baby face, it was still going to be MJF that smartass but now he’s going to be that fun loving smartass MJF. That’s what they thought, and he’s milking them for all it’s worth, and he showed that he can do it, he’s a verbal Maestro.

Just doing the ‘Hey how about a round of applause for yourselves give yourselves a round of applause.’ And he says he has the chip from the casino deal and a guaranteed title shot. He’s not going to mess around with this tournament, he’s going to cash in when he wants when the time is right, because folks, we need leadership. Did you catch that one?

We need leadership here. And just like he compared himself to Moses, except he’s better than Moses and he’s going to take his people straight through the parting of the Red sea, or the Cucamonga sea. I guess that would be the sea that needs parted right now is the Cucamonga sea. But anyway he finishes after this incredible dissertation, the people are cheering him they’re standing up they shout his catchphrase.

He takes a bow and Moxley’s music hits, and here comes wild thing, you make my toilet sing. Apparently the language warning was real because Moxley gets in the ring and confronts him and the first thing he says is you’re full of crap. Jon Moxley didn’t say crap on purpose unless they have all been told that sh*t is no longer tolerated in this establishment. Because this is the guy that told the fan go f*ck himself time right. So as soon as Moxley says that, like a light switch and seamlessly MJF becomes the real MJF again and instantly turns back heel.

That’s right, this town sucks and his quarterbacks is the sh*ts, and blah, blah blah, and they’re starting to boo him out of the building. It was beautiful, it was a work of art. Because they were gonna give him that reaction when he came out, so he let him get it out of their system.

Now comes another part of the controversial part of this promo is that MJF goes on the bender about I’m gonna cash this chip in, it’s going to be another bargaining chip in my bidding war of 2024 when I go to a real company with real fans and real wrestlers like my friend Cody, and the only real Khan in wrestling good old St. Nick. And again, he’s brilliant…

At the same same time I see what they’re trying to do here because it makes MJF the devil himself no pun intended to this audience, to the AEW audience and the AEW faithful, it makes MJF the biggest prick in the world because he wants to go to the WWE where he’ll make a lot of money and be treated like a star instead of this sh*t show. And that makes sense because to be quite honest, let’s face it, both sides have a point and I can see both of them.

But there are not enough people in play here, fans, viewers in play that are undecided to make a difference anymore in you know, when they say MJF is just making WWE sound like the big company. Well, everybody knows it already is, there’s not enough people you could really convince in the middle there.

So MJF is getting heat on himself with that audience. And then Moxley says ‘Well, you better leave the ring right now or I’ll make you.’ And both of them stripped down, and by the way, MJF if this was a shoot, and he really couldn’t get the sleeve of his shirt off, and had to work that hard, it was serendipitous. It was perfect. It was brilliant. It reminded me of the old JJ Dillon can’t unzip my jacket spot.

They have the face off, and then MJF powders and walks out. So it was a brilliant verbal performance. And I understand the problems that some people have with his referring to the WWE if everybody or even anybody else, much less everybody, if anybody else started doing it on the programme it would be ga-ga. But because of who he is, what his situation is, and how he can do it and how he gets mileage out of it, it doesn’t bother me that bad.”

After Moxley got into the ring with MJF, the cocky holder of the Dynamite Diamond Ring left the ring and went to the backstage area. MJF has a desire to become the AEW World Champion, but he’ll have to wait until after AEW crowns a new World Champion next week on Dynamite.

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