Jake Roberts On WWE Superstar Who Needs To Stop Smiling

Jake Roberts AEW

Jake Roberts has given his take on how a WWE Superstar is doing the wrong thing when trying to connect with the crowd by smiling.

Both during his in-ring career and now since, Jake Roberts has earned plaudits from many throughout the wrestling world for his understanding of the psychology of the business.

This includes an in-depth understanding of how you can invoke various emotions from the crowd, whether you’re acting as the babyface or heel, something which The Snake knows both sides of very well.

Since he moved away from active competition, Jake Roberts has been vocal on what he feels about stars in all wrestling companies. In a recent discussion on his Snake Pit podcast alongside Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts gave his opinion on the WWE return of Braun Strowman, and how he feels there’s an element of The Monster Among Men’s character which is completely wrong.

Braun, listen to me. Nobody wants to see a friendly monster. Quit smiling. You’re not that guy. So many guys make that mistake when they turn babyface, they completely change themselves. No! The only things that have changed are your opponents. You’re still the beast. The beast is what they love. They just want to see it pointed in the direction of someone they don’t like.

So many guys make that mistake and for Braun to be such a beast man, to see him out there smiling and asking the crowd what they would like for him to do, oh my God! If I was big enough I’d punch you right in your box. You are a beast and my god! Use what you’ve got son. Show us what you’ve got.

Braun Strowman has discussed how his return to WWE was enough to bring him to tears.

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